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LOMOS® bathroom & toilet stool “vital” in white (44x32x21cm)

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LOMOS® bathroom & toilet stool “vital” in white (44x32x21cm)

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Product description

  • Compact Toilet Stool in white made of high-quality plastic for painless bowel movement in an optimal squatting position (Dimensions W/D/H: 44 x 32 x 21cm).
  • Medically confirmed effect: Facilitates bowel movement through the recommended 35° angle of your legs in relation to the upper body and thus helps prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, irritation, flatulence, bloating and soreness.
  • It makes for a healthy and active intestinal flora and also helps with detox cleanses and decontamination treatments during pregnancy. You'll have painless, quicker and easier bowl movements.
  • Non-slip rubber soles on the stool's legs and a perfect fit provide comfort and safety for both children and adults. 
  • This easy-to-clean, flawlessly designed bathroom stool is easy to stow away in any bathroom.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our product, we will give you your money back if returned any time during 100 days from purchase.

LOMOS® products ensure safe and comfortable bathroom visits, ease discomfort, and can help disabled people feel more independent. 

Articles of this product line are produced with the highest care for quality and functionality. 

Going to the toilet should neither be problematic nor straining. However, more and more people suffer from painful bowel movement every day. Before modern toilets were invented, humans squatted to do their business with a 35° angle between their thighs and upper body. Thus, the positioning on a modern toilet is unnatural to us, because the colon is being squeezed, resulting in medical conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, or irritations.

The LOMOS® toilet stool helps mitigate exactly these symptoms! Due to its optimal height, your legs and upper body are at the medically recommended angle of 35° in relation to each other and thus make bowel movement easier for everyone.

Not only can the bathroom stool be used to treat a variety of health conditions, it can also be used as a preventive measure so you can avoid turning medication or ointments. It can support with detox and decontamination treatments, it benefits during or after pregnancy, after a hysterectomy or helps during general painful soreness - the LOMOS® compact toilet stool has many areas of application!

The anti-slip attachments on the stool's legs and its perfect fit ensure stability and safety even on smooth floors. Thus, the toilet stool is great for children to put their feet on when sitting on the toilet or to climb up and sit on the toilet on their own. The LOMOS® bathroom stool is comfortable, simple, hygienic, and fits in every bathroom due to its discreetness and simple design.

If you purchase a LOMOS® product you will also be supporting the project "One Percent For The Children".

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